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Bangkok Diary 13/9/2013 Friday - Train Experience 1st experience traveling with train, depart from Bukit Mertajam station and arrive...

Bangkok Diary 13/9/2013 Friday - Train Experience

1st experience traveling with train, depart from Bukit Mertajam station and arrive at Bangkok the next day. Spend total 18hr+ in the train, dine and overnight. For those who interested can check out the info here. It was a fun and awesome experience and I'm totally impressed with the cleanliness in the train.

第一次乘搭火车旅行,从大山脚火车站启程,终点是曼谷车站。总共花了 18 个小时多在火车上 - 看书,用餐,交新朋友,聊天,睡觉。有兴趣搭火车去曼谷的朋友可以参考这里。很有趣的经验,火车出乎预料的清洁,也没有想像中颠簸。

Bangkok Diary 14/9/2013 Saturday - Hello Bangkok!

Reach Bangkok around 12pm, wanted to visit Lumphini Park but was too tired with the heavy luggage. Spend some time to reach our hotel at Pratunam, as we took BTS instead of cab. Spend our 1st day explored the shopping mall and street around Pratunam.

中午 12 时左右到达曼谷。本来想到 Lumphini Park 走走的,后来因为拉着过重的行旅箱而作罢。花了一点时间乘搭 BTS 到 Pratunam 的酒店,剩下的半天时间,都在 Pratunam 附近的购物广场和街道走走停停,吃吃喝喝。

Bangkok Diary 15/9/2013 Sunday - Jatuchak Market, Fighting Spirit Gym

Had chicken rice as our breakfast, then heading to shopaholic paradise Jatuchak Market. The weather was nice to us, cloudy and rain when we about to leave. I love the pineapple and coconut ice-cream there, its the best thru out my Bangkok trip! Jatuchak Market is the MUST visit place if you love shopping, is like nothing you can't find here.

After lunch at Jatuchak Market (big disappointment), was very excited getting new boxing glove for myself at Fighting Spirit Gym. Did some research online and notice that not much places selling Fairtex and it's never easy to get to Fighting Spirit Gym. We walk for 1hr+ searching for the place, asking around and finally we get to there, a gym inside the cemetery. But it's all worth it as the price is really much cheaper than Malaysia/Ebay/Amazon, 1800 THB for 12oz gloves, 1300 THB for the shin guards and rash-guards.

I had migraine that day, so went back to hotel earlier after had some dessert and coffee at Bake a Wish, a small cafe serving handmade Japanese cake. Gonna blog all about the cafe we visit in another post :)

早餐到酒店附近吃鸡饭,然后到 Jatuchak Market - 传说中的购物天堂。天气很好,没有什么太阳,在我们准备离开的时候才开始倾盆大雨。爱上那里的黄梨还有椰子雪糕,是我在曼谷那几天吃过最好吃的。如果你是 购物狂,一定要来 Jatuchak Market,几乎没有什么是这里没有的。

享用了让我们很失望的午餐,很兴奋地往 Fighting Spirit Gym 出发。这一趟旅程,我的首要目的就是购入属于自己的拳套还有 BJJ 衣服;在网上搜寻后,发现不多地方有卖自己要的 Fairtex 拳套,Fighting Spirit Gym 所在的地方不算显眼,几经迷路然后问路然后几乎放弃后,才看到那小小的牌子,穿插过坟场,才到达目的地。还好,一切都是值得的,除了款式特别,价钱也是很 便宜,几乎是其它地方一半的价钱。

一整天在偏头痛的我实在懒得继续游荡,早早和朋友分道扬镳回酒店了。回酒店之前在 Bake A Wish 享用美味的泡芙和咖啡,是今天的大收获之一。下次,再分享我在曼谷的咖啡店之旅。

Bangkok Diary 16/9/2013 Monday - Coffee Hunting Day, Madame Tussauds

Heavenly day at Bangkok. Went to Madame Tussauds after having wonderful breakfast at Bicycle Cafe. Took loads of pictures at Madame Tussauds Bangkok then proceed for coffee hunting all over Bangkok. Spend whole day walking and dining and drinking. I am please and happy to get overdose caffeine with cakes/desserts. Best coffee I had so far is the one at Tong Lor, a small cafe (Casa Lapin) that easily missed but you will never want to miss it if you really love coffee.

犹如置身天堂的一天。早 上在 Bicycle Cafe 吃早餐后,到 Madame Tussauds 拍了很多照片,然后就开始我们的 "咖啡旅程"。接下来的一整天,踏遍曼谷的大街小巷,走走停停,品尝咖啡还有享受蛋糕甜品等。过度的咖啡因让人振奋,更何况在那小小的咖啡屋里,尝到了我 人生中最棒的咖啡,Casa Lapin 很小很小,而且不在显眼的地方,很容易就错过它;但是,错过它,你会后悔。

Bangkok Diary 17/9/2013 Tuesday - Bye Bye Bangkok

Had chicken rice opposite our hotel, then heading to airport. Byebye Bangkok and I will be back for more dessert indulge. It is a wonderful experience after all, so much important on who you traveling with than where your traveling to, I guess. (Thank you Jess and David!)


 Bangkok Photo Diary 13/9 - 17/9
Photograph by Justin Cheah

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  1. Wow! 12 hours in a train! Was it noisy and difficult to sleep? I have been considering taking train to Bangkok in the past, but 12 hours seems too long and exhausting for me!

    1. Haha, not 12hr+ but 18hr+, almost 1 day on train. For me it's totally ok, not really very noisy. However, is better to get the bed below than the bunk bed above, more spacious and more comfortable. At some point, the train is a-bit shaky, maybe the railway not well maintain I guess. Bring along books with you, read and some chit-chat make the time pass real fast. Further more, you will spend 8hr above to sleep :)

    2. 18+!? Gosh... That's exhausting. I think I better wait until my daughter is older...

    3. Haha, ya abit hard for little kiddo to be in limited space for so long hours. Maybe when she is older than you can honeymoon with Dennis :D