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Singapore Diary 14.11.2014 (Friday )  -  18.11.2014 (Tuesday) Justin and I decided to celebrate our 11th Anniversary at Singa...

Singapore Diary
14.11.2014 (Friday )  -  18.11.2014 (Tuesday)

Justin and I decided to celebrate our 11th Anniversary at Singapore since last year. Thanks to a friend of mine who help us out throughout the trip - the accommodation, the transport, the food, the time and many more.

We did not plan much on where to go this trip except to visit Universal Studios Singapore on Monday. Most of the day we just take our own sweet time exploring the Merlion land and to hop on some cafes/restaurants recommended by food bloggers.

去年开始,我和 Justin 就计划要在新加坡度过我们的 11 周年纪念。谢谢鱼丸先生提供我们住宿,带我们到处扒扒走,还有请我们吃东西。没有他,我们这一次的旅程应该会昂贵许多呢。

除了星期一要到新加坡 Universal Studios 玩以外,我们对于这一次的行程并没有太多计划;想要去那里就去那里,然后根据几个博客的介绍, 去几家 咖啡屋 / 餐厅品 尝美食,算是很轻松自在的小旅程。


 14.11.2014 (Friday)

Reached Singapore around 10pm and went out for a drink with friends. Reach my friend's house around 3am and we are all exhausted.


15.11.2014 (Saturday)

It is a blessing waking up beside the one you love, happy 11th anniversary Mr. Justin! Explored 2 cafes and a brewery today. We had our anniversary dinner at Din Tai Fung instead of Merchants Wine Cellar & Store, a little regret after that (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)

早上一觉醒来可以看到他也是件幸福的事呢!11周年纪念快乐喔爱人!去了两家咖啡屋和一家小酒馆,然后晚餐就在鼎泰丰解决,本来想要去 Merchants Wine Cellar & Store 的说。

Dulcey Hazelnut Tart, Latte
- The tart was good but a little too sweet.

Peanut butter and mango ice-cream on waffles
- Nice environment with yummylicious handcrafted ice-cream and waffles. A MUST GO place.

India Pale Ale, Pilsner, Hopback Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Fries
- I love their fries and Oatmeal stout. The rest is too bitter for me.

16.11.2014 (Sunday)

Going to meet up my best friend since high school. Went to China Town in the morning to collect battery from a shop (Yes brilliant him remember to bring the camera but forget about the battery, so we bought a new one at Singapore. The owner is a very good man who not only help us fully charge the battery but also introduce some nice places for us to visit) and had breakfast somewhere the area. Meet up my friend at Alt Pizza for lunch before shopping at Bugis. After that, we had the McDonald's Shrimp burger and KFC as dinner.

今天会和在新加坡工作的好朋友 依婷 见面。早上先到唐人街去拿我们请老板帮我们充电的电池(善忘的爱人记得拿相机却忘了拿电池,所以唯有在新加坡买个新的。那个老板人很好,不但帮我们的电池充满电,还介绍我们几个值得一逛的景点呢!),也在附近享用早餐。而午餐则与依婷在 Alt Pizza 享用,然后继续到 Bugis 走走逛逛。晚餐时间我和爱人则决定尝试那里的麦当劳和家乡鸡才有的食谱,现在我开始很想念麦当劳的芥末虾仁汉堡和芒果黄梨派了啦!

Egg Benedict,  Pancakes, Latte, Mocha
- Very nice environment but the food is not up to my expectation. However we accidently bump into this cafe for breakfast without plan so it's fine to us.

Free Bird, Buffalo Bill, Ice lemon Tea, Camomile
- The Pizza taste awesome!!! 

Double Ebi Wasabi Burger, Mango Pineapple Pie
- Yes both of us LOVE the burger and I love the pie so much!!! Why McDonald's Malaysia you no have?!!

Forget what we had. It's combo meal with burger, chicken and onion ring.
- No impressed with the food. Maybe we just not the KFC person.

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, Mud Pie Mojo
- Love the way they "cook" the ice cream and the way they serve it with "stunts". Taste nice but slightly too sweet for me. 

17.11.2014 (Monday)

Yayy finally it's Universal Studios Day!! We bought everything online so its much cheaper, which cost us around RM250 per person for the ticket and express pass. It's crowded on Monday and luckily we got our express pass. The express pass allow you to cut the queue once for every game and you will have plenty of time to plan your route, to take pictures and to enjoy without hassle. 

For breakfast, we had fried bee hoon with some add-ons at food court somewhere industry area. Actually hawker food at Singapore is good if you have friend that know the places.

呵呵,终于到去 Universal Studios 的星期一了!我们都很兴奋的说!幸亏我们老早就从网上订购所有的入门票还有 Express 证了,不但节省很多时间,也比较便宜呢!(差不多 一个人 RM250)

有了 Express 证,就可以在所有的设施中有一次插队的机会,节省等待的时间,就可以像我们那样悠闲地安排看 show 的时间,慢慢走慢慢拍照啦。

去 Universal Studios 之间,鱼丸先生带我们到工业区的小贩中心用餐:经济米粉还有可以自行选择加热狗鸡蛋香肠什么的,很好吃。其实只要有对的人带路,新加坡的食物不算难吃吖。

FUN filled day and I love the Charlie Chaplin who is so funny!! The Transformer ride is super cool too.

After so much fun at Universal Studios, my friend bring us for Japanese buffet and I love it!! How I wish I have extra stomach for the food! 

18.11.2014 (Tuesday)

Last day at Singapore.  We just walking around Orchard Road and the malls there before heading to the airport. Bye bye Singapore and thank you Mr.Fishball for the accommodation and time!  

很快就是我们在新加坡的最后一天了。去机场之前我们在 Orchard 附近的广场闲逛,爱人买了他要的游戏,说是他在新加坡的大收获  (╯▽╰)



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