I did it!

I've completed my first Aquathlon race after going thru a month of emotional changes, and I'm glad that I didn't quit! ...

I've completed my first Aquathlon race after going thru a month of emotional changes, and I'm glad that I didn't quit!

This is my first time doing multi sports challenge knowing it's now or never if I don't embrace the fear and give it a shot. Believe it or not, I am a lousy swimmer who always feel insecure if I don't swim close to the side of the pool, and sometimes I will choke myself with water the moment I lift my head up to breath, not knowing how and why. LOL.

After 1 month of training and a week of sleepless night, I'm here at Penang Chinese Swimming Club for the race! (A million thanks to my boyfriend who train with me, and on-leave On race day to give me all the support I need, thank you Justin!) Everything went smoothly during the race - it drizzle a while when I swim, but the rain stop when I start running, awesome!

I felt so proud of myself the moment I get the finisher medal because I finally embrace my fear and make it for my very first Aquathlon. A big big hug to Justin just to share my happiness!! You know what, it's even more exciting to know I finish my first Aquathlon within an hour!!! Like way much better than my expected time!! (My own expectation is 40mins for the 800m swim, and 30mins for the 5km run) So satisfied and almost burst into tears! (Haha, don't judge/laugh, I never expect much from myself, so I got really surprise with the results!)

I feel grateful to have family and friends who have faith in me, motivates me and give me so much strength whenever I doubt on myself. Thank you so much!! Hehe, so many thing is possible when you are surrounded with positive people, agree?

经历了一个月的情绪高低起伏,我终于完成了人生中的第一次水陆铁人两项!- 很庆幸自己并没有因为害怕而放弃比赛呢。



拿到奖章的时候真的好满足也很引以为傲,因为自己终于克服了自己对游泳的心理障碍,顺利完成比赛。给了男朋友一个满身汗的拥抱分享我的喜悦,嘿嘿!还有,当我知道自己竟然在 1 个小时以内完成比赛的时候超兴奋的,差点就要飙泪了呢!(不要笑也不要批评,那是因为我根本不相信自己的能力,我原本设定的目标是 45 分钟完成 800 米的游泳,还有 30 分钟 完成 5 公里的跑步而已;所以才那么惊喜。)

很感恩当自己自我怀疑的时候,有一群愿意相信我,肯定我还有给我无限支持和力量的家人与朋友,谢谢你们!*偷偷感动擦泪* 也不得不相信,如果你有一群充满正能量的人在身边,很多事情都有无限可能呢!

(3rd last photo - photo courtesy of Alwin Arul.)

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